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What is LHS Connect?

LHS Connect was built as a hobby project in 2022 to make life just a little bit easier. It combines all the hard-to-find information onto one easy-to-use website. We also get staff contacts and other import information that you can never find unless you look in the right places. We try to update it as much as possible, however if some info is out of date, be sure to report it here. While not technically affiliated with the school, the content on this page has been approved by the counselors to be publicly available.

Meet the Developer

Hi, My name is Tyler! I am a Junior at LHS and love hiking, dogs, and programming! I self-taught myself Java during the pandemic and since have expanded my knowledge to HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript.

Thanks to the Other Contributors

Big thanks to Jonah K.C, Miles C, and Nathaniel H for helping me keep the page updated! I couldn't of done it without them!

Want to help me out?

You can join our discord server and become a admin, which allows you to edit the information on the pages without any coding experience needed. This can allow people who know more than I do to send out their information to the school.