List of Lincoln Clubs

Last updated: 04/30/2024

Name Day Time Room Advisor Instagram
Animal Welfare Club First Tuesday Lunch 363 Campbell, E
Art Club Wednesday Lunch 134 Baker
Asian Student Union (ASU) Wednesday Lunch 271 (Multipurpose Room) Tsujimoto @lincoln.asu
Astronomy Club Monday Lunch 442 Eisenbery
Baking Club Monday Lunch 235 Ware @lhs_bakingclub
Birding Club Wednesday Lunch 352 Melvin/Nimni @lhs_birdingclub
Black Student Union (BSU) Tuesday Lunch 361 Ali, Jones, Flavors @lincolnlynxbsu
Botany Club Thursday Lunch 341 Drouin
Boy's Volleyball Club Every first Tuesday of the month at lunch (363), Wednesday mornings (gym), Friday mornings (gym) and during lunch (gym) Lunch and Mornings Gym Sauvage, Cambells
Brawl Stars Club 2nd/4th Wednesday Lunch 168 Myers, A @lincoln_hs_bsc
Bread Club Monday Afterschool 4:00 -5:00 363 Campbell, E
Career Exploration Last Thursday Lunch 445 Noyes
Chainlynx Robotics Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Tues/Fri 3:45 - 5:30, Thurs 5:30 - 8 167, 168, Fab Lab Myers, A/Myers, J @chainlynx.robotics
Charcuterie Club Tuesday Lunch 232 Martin
Chess Club Wednesday Lunch 206 Snyder
Chinese Club Thursday Lunch 352 Nimni @lhschinese_club
Climbing Club Tuesday Lunch 432 Fox @lincoln_climbs
Color Guard Tuesday Lunch 271 (Multipurpose Room) MacIntyre @lincoln_color_guard
Craft Club 1st/3rd Thursday Lunch 431 Richards
Crossword Club Monday Lunch 445 Noyes @lincoln_crosswordclub
CSD (Communication Sciences and Disorders) Careers Alt Friday Lunch 337 Babington
Cultural Education Committee Tuesday Lunch 267 Ridabock
Dance Team Wednesday Afterschool 2:30 - 3:30 271 (Multipurpose Room) Wyn Pottinger-Levy
Debate Club Tuesday Lunch 368 Gandy @lincolndebateclub
DECA Friday Lunch 243 Reed @lincolnhsdeca
Diabetes Student Union 1st/3rd Wednesday Lunch 366 Hanigans
Disabled Student Union (DSU) Tuesday Lunch 111 Hoban @lhs.dsu
Drama Club Wednesday Lunch C111 Sullivan @lynxtheatrearts
Dungeons & Dragons Club Monday 3:40- 5:30 161 Bess
Economics club Friday Lunch 243 Reed @lincoln.investclub
Environmental Club Monday Lunch 163 Fox @lincoln_environmentalclub
Ethics Bowl Wednesday 8:15-8:35 A.M. 351 D'amico
Fabrication Club Monday Afterschool 3:40 - 5:00 Fab Lab Myers, J
Feminism Club Alt Tuesday Lunch 163 Fox, Jen @lincolnfeminismclub
Film Club Thursday Lunch 206 Bubb @lincolnhsfilmclub
Fishing Club 2nd/4th Wednesday Lunch 235 Ware/Barnes @lincolnfishingclub
Filipino Student Union 2nd/4th Tuesday Lunch 431 Richards
French Club Wednesday Lunch 362 Crane
Frog Club Wednesday Lunch Library Scott
Garden Club 1st/3rd Tuesday Lunch C116 Smith
Golf Club Wednesday Lunch 8 Hashemi
Guitar Club Monday Lunch C102 MacIntyre @lhs.guitar
Ham Radio Club Tuesday Lunch 167 Myers, A
Honk Band Wednesday & Thursday Afterschool 3:50 - 4:45 C102 Cassidy
HOSA Wednesday Lunch 342 Drouin @hosa_atlhs
Improv Club (Drama Club) Tuesday Lunch C111 Sullivan @lynxtheatrearts
International Youth In Neuroscience Association Alt Monday Lunch 341 Nabet @lhs_iyna
Japanese Conversation Club Monday Lunch 268 Ishikawa @lincolnjapaneseclub
Jewish Student Union (JSU) Monday Lunch 352 Nimni @lincolnhsjsu
Journalism Club Monday Lunch 363 Campbell, E @lincoln.newspaper
Junior State of America (JSA) Tuesday & Thursday Lunch 333 Chapman @lincoln_jsd
Keep Calm and Carry Yarn Tuesday Lunch 263 Vermaak
K-Dance Club Monday & Thursday Lunch 271 (Multipurpose Room) Choi @lhs_etern1ty
Key Club Thursday Lunch 163 Fox @keyclublincolnhs
Keystone Club Tuesday Lunch 353 Montgomery @lhs_keystone
Lacrosse Club 205 Snyder
Latine Student Union (LSU) Wednesday Lunch 334 Arias/Rivas @lincoln_lsu
LHS 4 Climate Justice Thursday Lunch 351 D?Amico @lhs4climatejustice
Lifting Club Wednesday Lunch Weight Room Savauge @lincoln_lifting
Lincoln Outdoors Group Monthly Thursday Lunch 235 Ware/Barnes
Literature Club Friday Lunch 437 Long @lincolnlitclub
Lynxfeed Tuesday Lunch 437 Long @lynxfeed_
Math Club Monday Lunch 8 Hashemi
Mock Trial Monday Afterschool 3:40 - 4:40 432 Fox @lincolnmocktrialclub
Model UN Tuesday & Thursday Lunch/Afterschool 4:00-5:30 445 Noyes @lhs__modelun
Movie Club Friday Lunch 431 Richards
Music Appreciation Club Wednesday Lunch 326 Campbell, C @lhs_music_club
Nutrition Club 2rd/4th Thursday Lunch 235 Barnes
Philosophy Club Monday Lunch 10 Melvin
Photography/Sports Photography Club Monday Lunch 331 Ahlers
Playing Music Club Monday Lunch C104 Greenbaum
Poetry Club Thursday Lunch 133 So @lincolnhspoetryclub
Potluck Club First Monday Lunch 451 O'Hearn
Programming Club Thursday Lunch 168 Myers, A @lincoln_programmers
RC Club of Lincoln High School Every other Tuesday Lunch 206 Bubb, N @lhsrcclub
Red Cross Club Friday Lunch 233 Hathaway @lincolnredcrossclub
Rocket Club Thursday Afterschool 4:00 - 5:45 Fab Lab Lowe @lhs.rockets
Romanian Language Club Tuesday Lunch 246 Karp
Scholarship Society Wednesday Lunch 452 Laudick @scholarshipsocietyLHS
Science Olympiad Monday Lunch 162 Bess
Seattle Student Union LHS Chapter Monthly Friday Lunch 352 Nimni @lhs.seattlestudentunion
Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) Thursday Afterschool 3:50 - 4:45 Library Scott @lincolnsaga
Skateboarding Club Friday Lunch 108 Choi @lincolnskateclub
Ski Club Alt Tuesday Lunch 353 Montgomery @lincoln_ski_club
Social Justice Club Wednesday Lunch 434 Jones @lhs_socialjusticeclub
Sports Journalism Club Tuesday Lunch 351 D'amico @lhs.sportsjournalism
STEM Consulting Club 1st/3rd Thursday Lunch 204 Theoryn @lhs.stemconsulting
Sustainability Club 1st/3rd Thursday Lunch 342 Nabet
Table Tennis Club Alt Thursday Lunch 163 Davidson @lincolntabletennis
T-Mobile Club Tuesday Lunch 431 Richards @t_mobile_club
Taylor Swift Club 2nd and 4th Tuesday Lunch 351 D'Amico
The Alumni of Genome Science Club Thursday Lunch 263 Vermaak
Thespian Troupe (Drama Club) First Thursday Lunch C111 Sullivan @lynxtheatrearts
Unconventional Activities Club Friday Lunch 445 Noyes
Unified Wednesday 111 Ahlers/Guy
UThrift Alt Wednesday Lunch 351 D'Amico @lincolnuthrift
Voice in Sports Chapter Alt Thursday Lunch 235 Ware
Water1st Alt Tuesday Lunch 235 Ware @water1st_lincolnhs
Wheels and Reels Biking Alt Thursday Lunch 453 Manes
Wiffle Ball Club Alt Tuesday Lunch Gym Sauvage @lhswiffleballclub
Women In Business Friday Lunch 353 Montgomery
WOCSU (Women of Color Student Union) Friday Lunch 133 So @wocsu_lhs
Women in STEM Friday Lunch 7 Cedillo @women_in_stem_at_lhs
Writing Club Wednesday Lunch 363 Campbell, E
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